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This is an introduction to an excellent method for generating power for punches, for the best results you should practice this method alongside Flapping Qi Gong (a Shaolin White Crane Hard Qi Gong)

One of the things that really sets kung fu apart from other martial arts is the presence of advanced methods for generating power in techniques. Often these methods are composed of movement patterns incporporated into the strikes themselves, and this is the case with the gate of the shoulders / the gate of the chest.
This technique involves alternately 'opening' and 'closing' the chest to increase the power of strikes, and it is particularly effective in for combination strikes. Stands up straight and push the chest out in front of you, pulling your shoulders back and keeping your back straight - this is an open gate. Now sink the chest inwards and push the shoulders forward, arching the back slightly - this is a closed gate.
The short video on the left demonsrates how this method can be used to perform a powerful combination of strikes. The first strike - a lead hand punch - also shows you the transference of momentum and power from the back arm through an open shoulder gate to increase the power of the strike with the lead arm.

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