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Bagua Zhang / Pa Kua Chang, like other internal martial arts, has a heavy emphasis in its training upon stance training, flowing solo forms and rather general and abstract movement patterns. The purpose of this is to cultivate chi, to teach the student how to direct and use internal energy, to teach highly coordinated patterns of movement and footwork, and to strengthen the body in specific vital areas and improve the health. This emphasis can mean, however, that some students can have difficulty in applying what they have learned to specific self-defence scenarios and real life confrontations. This is a shame because Bagua Zhang can be highly effective in these situations. The purpse of this page is to provide resources for students of Bagua Zhang / Pa Kua Chang to help them learn the self-denfense applications and combat techniques that are derived from Bagua Zhang / Pa Kua Chang forms.  I have tried to make the contents of this section relevants to students of as many different styles of Bagua Zhang / Pa Kua Chang.

Bagua Zhang Self-Defense Applications: video lesson

Yin Bagua Zhang Mother Palm Applications

Bagua Butterfly Technique Applications

Bagua Zhang Combat Applications from Push Hands

Sun Style Bagua: Arm-drag counter from Lion Form

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